Jon Jacky

Occasionally I copy excerpts on many topics to this commonplace book, or to more specialized pages on computing, or graphic design.

For years I updated this page of annotated links.

Recently I have made some programming experiments.

Here are some computing projects I worked on in the past, collected here out of personal and historical interest:

Control software for this radiation therapy machine. Along the way I wrote this review article about safety-critical systems.

In the therapy machine project I used the Z notation. I wrote this book, The Way of Z. Here are some examples, lecture notes, and a bit of history.

Software modeling and testing. My co-authors and I wrote this book, Model-based Software Testing and Analysis, using our NModel framework.

Another modeling and testing tool, PyModel, also here.

A proof checker, FLiP, also here.

Radiation therapy treatment planning, also here and here and here and here and here.

Signal processing and control system for magnetic resonance force microscopy, also here.

Embedded controller for a laboratory experiment, using this early microcomputer.

Courses on Python programming, also here.

Courses on computer science, also here. I especially like this page, What have we learned?

Many years ago I wrote these articles to explain -- and argue against -- proposals to develop artificial intelligence for military weapons.

Revised May 2023